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Against the Tide

  My Rating-5/5 This is the second book in the trilogy of memoirs documenting various periods of the author's life. The first book ended with the author joining the peace corps in Kenya. In this book, we are told about the love affair that he had in Kenya. He fell in love with a women having five children. This book also shows the extent to which the author, due to the goodness of his heart and his immense love was willing to go to unite with his lady love despite facing opposition from his close ones. Amid all this fiasco, destiny played its role and changed the course of his life. The author could not return to his much-desired role as a peace corps volunteer in Kenya. Instead, he first started to involve himself in the beekeeping process and later decided to continue his education. This, in turn, led to various stressful situations as the author was the first person in his family to have aimed for higher education and all hopes were pinned on him. The author has done t

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